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Welcome to the Terere Kids Project. This site was created to help keep our English speaking associates up to date with our current activities. The page features some of our young competitors from the Cantogalo community that train and compete at Fernando Terere's academy.

About the Social Project

Terere Kid's Project is located in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro at the base of the Cantagalo favela. It was founded in 2012 by 5x world Champion Fernando "Terere" da Silva. The project, that is run by Master Terere and 2 close friends from the Cantagalo community, provides free jiu jitsu classes where the kids from the community can come to relax after school. 

Our Mission is to improve the lives of children in the communities by providing a safe recreational enviroment away from the drugs and violence that they are often exposed to at a young age living in the favelas. 

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an outlet for many of the kids from the favela. It's a safe place where they can come to train with their friends and learn from role models from the Cantagalo community. Jiu Jitsu is also a gateway to new oppurtunities for many athletes. Kids who werer previously limited to the comings and goings of their neighborhoods bow onto the mats with athletes from all over the world that come to train in Brazil. 

We are currently looking for sponsors to help support our competition team. Donations help pay for student’s competition fees, transportation, attire, and post training snacks.

The average competition cost is per student is R85.
The average cost of a competition kimono is R100...

A small donation can make a big difference for the children of the Cantagalo community.

Make a donation today!!

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  1. How IT is possible that this site Has no training sheoudle informations but Has bagging for money everywhere?