Interested in coming to train with Fernando Terere? Contact the academy to find more information about class schedules and prices! Our staff can also help our locate accomodations close to the academy

Rua Alberto Campos 12 
Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Phone: 32174194
Facebook: Academia Fernando Terere

Hours of Operation: 

9am- 10:30am
6pm- 9:30pm


  1. I dont know who this message goes to, hopefully not Nico because my experience with her while trying to support your project has been a complete disaster. I am someone who wanted to help but a recent experience with a order placed was such a disaster. I ordered a shirt and hoodie back in july after emailing and contacting and asking can you deliver to California and was told yes. I placed a order, got the wrong shipping confirmation and only after maybe 30 emails back and forth got the right one after being told the item was ship and basically fuck off. For weeks i was telling Nico i was leaving the country for month and needed order and was giving screen shots of 2 different shipping invoices, one correct but only after the item was said to be delivered, but i never received it. What a disgrace for a charity to have such poor customer service, especially for someone who see Terere and this project as a gift from god for those kids. I cant support this project anymore and had purchased all terere videos and was going to buy anything i could to support, but my experience has ended that. Please get your shit together cause if this wasnt Terere, i would take further legal action but my heart wont allow it cause i believe in whats being done. I have told all i train with her in California to NOT purchase anything online it will not arrive and they wont care!

  2. Good afternoon, Mestre Terere, my name is Mario Martinez and I practice BJJ about two years ago in Mexico, and I am in the ranks of the Brasa team, but it has always been one of my great idols in this beautiful martial art called BJJ .
    The fact of getting in touch with you is because I wanted to see the possibility of being able to acquire a shirt and a patch of your equipment with your signature, and to tell me the cost of it, or how you could acquire it.
    And an apology and forgiveness for the daring of my request.
    I enclose my email if possible to do it

    Beforehand thank you very much