The DeuS Fight Company was created for Fighters / Athletes of faith to proudly represent and share they believes. Their brand is easily recognizable by the humble design and divine quality of the products they make. They are people of faith,  Brazilian Jiu-Jistu Black Belts,  MMA fighters but above it all,  Christians. 

BJJ Hacks is a Jiu Jitsu tv channel that seeks out some of the best in the sport in order to get the best "hacks" or tips to help jiu jiteiros all over the world. Instead of filming your typical instructional videos, HT, founder of BJJ hacks, seeks out the biggest names in Jiu Jitsu and talks to them about their ideas and philosophies and how it has played a roll in the evolution of Jiu Jitsu. Last year, HT reached out to Terere to film one a 3 part series on the legend from Cantagalo. Since then, HT has continued to visit the academy and he has in fact been a great source of inspiration, motivation, and practical advice for Terere Kids Project.

Fighttland is new website that covers VICE"S take on MMA and fithing with stories and videos exploring the ever-evolving culture behind the fastest0 growing sport in the world! Fightland Vice reached out to Terere Kids Project though Michael Hresko, who was interested in writing an article about the Terere's social work in the community. Impressed by what he saw FightLand offered to help fund an English program for the kids in the Cantagalo Favela. The program is centered around BJJ vocabulary so that the kids can implement what they learn right away on the mats with visitors that come to train! 

Cascagrossa has been a long time friend and sponsor of Terere, so naturally when Fernando started the social project Cascagrossa was there to help support the effort. Casca supports the project by providing us kimonos at ridiculously low prices to donate to the kids of Cantagalo that want to start training! Recently we were able to allocate 20 new juvenil kimonos to kids that have joined the project. 

The owner of I Ain't No Saint Tattoo Studios, Iaint (pronounced Ian), spent some time in Rio last year training with Mestre Terere and getting to know the kids at the project. Since his return he has continued to support he project by providing monthly sponsorship to one of the athletes on our competition team. His donation cover competition and transportation fees once a month as well provides for a small contribution to our snack program. 

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