Nico Ball

Age: 28
Belt: Blue
Weight: Pena (58.5k)
Nationality: North American

Nico Ball has been living and training with Fernando Terere in the Cantagalo favela for since 2014. After working alongside Terere and Budovideos to translate the Favela Jiu Jitsu video series she started working alongside Deus Fight Co a San Diego based

  kimono company to create the name and logo for Terere Kids Project. 

Now thanks to a blog and a PayPal account Terere Kids Project become an internationally known organization. Donations sent via Paypal have helped solidify the social work that 5x World Champion Fernando Terere since 2000 here Cantagalo. 



 Favela Tour of the Cantagalo Favela where 
Terere was born and Raised.
Photo by Josue Wong Baez

Photo by Josue Wong Baez

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