Academia Fernando Terere has been open for a little under two years with the help and support of the government of Rio de Janeiro and members of the Cantagalo community here in Ipanema. Mestre Terere spends most days here at the academy with his second family, but when he is away giving seminars he leaves the academy in the hands of Fabricio and Nogueira. 

Fernando Terere
5x World Champion
6x Brazilian National Champion
Pan American Champion

Mestre Terere was born and raised in the Cantgalo favela, above the picturesque beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema. He is well known for his charismatic personality and has literally given the shirt off his back on more than one Occasion. Mestre is dedicated to giving back to the community that raised him and has been providing free Jiu Jitsu classes in the community since he was a blue belt!

Julio Nogueira

Belt: Black
Weight: Meio Pesado
Home country: Brazil

Fabricio Da Silva
Brazilian National Champion

Nickname: Birrinho
Belt: Black
Home country: Brazil

Resident of the Cantagalo community and cousin of Mestre Fernando Terere, professor Birrinho plays an essential role here at the academy. He runs our children´s program here in the afternoons as well as the morning class. In addition to his responsibilities at the gym Fabricio is a stepfather to Breno, a white belt at the academy and a one year old daughter AND he can often be found laying down mats with his 10 year old nephew Rafael! Recently this year Terere recognized his hard work  and dedication by rewarding him his black belt! 

Nico Ball
Belt: blue
Home Country: United States

Teacher turned professional MMA fighter, Nico Ball has been living in Brazil for two years now. She meet Terere (completely oblivious to who he really was) as a white belt and moved to the Cantagalo Favela to live and train alongside the legend. Deeply impressed by the work that Terere does for the community she began to tell his story on the Terere Kids Project blog, which has now turned into a medium for receiving donations from all over the world! Since the inception of the blog we have received support to help pay for the kids snack program, pay for competition fees, and cover additional sponsorship expenses at the academy (such as acquired buy 20 kids kimonos). 

Nico currently handles all sponsorship and media for the project. In addition to writing for the projects blog you can also keep up with the project through her monthly dispatches for Fightland Vice

Thomas Oyarzun
Nickname: Mastwo
Belt: Black
Home country: Switzerland

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